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Modern, sophisticated and aesthetical wedding artist with the ability to capture you, your heritage & your love.

To capture love is a passion. The connection that you have is there to be documented. Its there to be revealed. It lies in your heart, and it is created in the details of your soul. 

Lene is known for being liked by the people she meets. And to put your feelings in the center of your wedding day. She has a tremendous eye to create personal, artistic and modern wedding images, focused on you! 

Details are everywhere to be discovered, the artistic inspiration has its roots in her heritage, being from a tiny village, in the countryside - moving to the modern city of Copenhagen. Lene is a photographer with a passion to deliver romantic yet modern and sophisticated wedding images that you will forever cherish.

Photographing around Europe, she finds the uniqueness and beauty in the surroundings and your unique love story.

Lene is a family person. She, her husband and their two boys, lives north of Copenhagen. Close to the aesthetics of the capital city and the freedom of the sea.

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For wedding inquiries, please fill the application form with as many details as you are comfortable with.

Your information enables me to create the best quote to  your needs.

I look forward to get to know you.

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Thanks for your mail - I will look at your details as soon as possible and get back to you. 

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